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Keridwen 36

Range: C(6) - C(1)

Height: 59 inches, 150cm

Weight: 26-27 lbs, 12kg

The flying buttress above the neck, completely alters the geometrics of force within the structure.

That is, I have changed the very way the harp itself experiences tension.

On a traditional harp, the neck is always in extreme compression on the upper surface, extreme tension on the lower. Then the neck must be made very, very strong, or it will creep and warp over time.

My "Olwen" and "Millennium" harps meet this challenge by incorporating sufficient carbon fibre reinforcement within the structure, allowing lighter construction.

But with "Keridwen", the buttress is in strong but not extreme compression and the neck itself is in strong even tension. Thus the buttress is functionally the same as those supporting Gothic cathedrals.

The structure will never creep or sag, not even at first stringing, and not even when your grandchild's grandchild plays it. It is a permanent harp.

The design also allows unprecedented perfect access to the upper strings while playing.

Furthermore, a flying buttressed harp can have a less massive, indeed slender, column, as it no longer has to deal with forward bending moments. The column can be truly that - a column.

"Keridwen" is the absolute best value-for-money concert 36 string floor-harp available on Earth today.

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"Keridwen" 36-string harp "Keridwen" 36-string harp "Keridwen" 36-string harp "Keridwen" 36-string harp "Keridwen" 36-string harp

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